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Download Pink Lips Pink Lips MP3 Song by Meet Bros and Khushboo Grewal

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Alive and Well 4: February 21 - 27, Watch the Witch, The Third Acoustic Collection, Silence Within These Hallowed Walls, Flood, Alive and Well 1: August 21 - 27, Alive and Well 3: September 10 - October 13, Alive and Well 2: August 28 - September 1, and 16 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $0.50 USD or more (90% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. A Cup of Mercy 04:14 lyrics buy track Walking fast through the treesNeed a shelter, I pass though quicklySee the clouds block out the sunI see the storm, I start to run Up ahead I see a placeI can use to hideWindy leaves brush against meOh, darkness pass me by Master come down unto meLet my cup be filled with mercyI have done nearly everythingI can do Jesus protect meFrom the storm raging through the treesI have done everythingThat I know to do The winds get stronger stillI feel the chillA cold and biting windHurried feet clamour nearI hear the screams of the deadOh God! Is this the end? I hide my face in my hidden placeI hear the deafening soundFilled with rageThe wind cuts downAll the trees to the ground Stand up all aloneLook around at the scattered boneI survived, don't know how I didBut I'm here I prayed, I called out his nameAnd he heard, heard my screaming wordsI wept, feel down to my kneesAs the sky went clear 2. Tormented Soul 04:48 lyrics buy track Out in the dark, aloneI call your nameTry to find my way homeBut no one knowsMy face in this placeWhere will I roam?I am a tormented soulLong deceased and aloneScarred, battered, and coldThis place has shattered me wholeI'm longing, I need to be seenWhy won't you notice me?See me bleeding?I am notDon't have an original thoughtAll I see is darkness before meI am so afraidDon't know how I got this wayOh, who led me astray?Alone in the dark I must stay 3. New Day 03:41 lyrics buy track I will rise upPast the darknessThat surrounds meThat confounds meI will rise upTo meet the new day No more darknessNo more night hereI'm so tiredOf all my fearI will rise upTo meet the new day Jesus, come deliver me from this nightI long to see your face, to stand in the lightThis night has gone on too long and I bleedI need the new day to light upon me In the darkness I was blindCouldn't see ahead or behindStumbled, fell down to my kneesI cried out, "Help me, please!"Then, like a powerful storm He came, He cameThe winds blew the darkness far awayI was restored, I was given a new nameI am the light, I am the dayHere I am, sword in my hand as I prayPower is mine, it is a new dayArmored up I fight and I winThe mountains will fall but I forever remain 4. I Run to Thee 04:55 lyrics buy track On the corner, between destruction and fearI live on the path that I hold so dearThough they try to dissuade meI have my course, my destiny My direction, I run with speedNo walls or barriers can resist mePowerful I am and onward I goMy path is the straight and narrow With all my heart I run to theeAs strong as the tides might beNo wind or wave can slow me downNo one can bring my defeat I am and I am hereNo more time to surrender to fearOn my side or back awayThe path is setThere's only one way today, today With all my heart I run to theeAs strong as the tides might beNo wind or wave can slow me downNo one can bring my defeat With all my heart I run to theeWith all my heart I run to theeWith all my heart I run to theeWith all my heart I run to thee 5. Life and Death 04:06 lyrics buy track The hatter at the headOf the banquet that is spread"I have all you needCome and eat," he saysCold pleasure as he grinsTo offer you a seatAt the table of deathTo partake of the feastThe wicked walk a wicked roadOne foot in the graveCowards miss their markLife is only for the brave Round and round it spinsThe masquerade never endsThe vampires of fame live their lives on the screenTo project an idea: an image to be seenLife and deathThe fruit of the treeChoices to be madeBe bound or be freeThe bridges are burnedPower to the lowThe city is falling downAshes will burnNo one knows what time it isBut the bells are tolling for usAs the bells toll, the chosen knowWhere this long road goesWe know the choices we makeAnd we know which paths to takeWe know our blood will stain the streetsSo must it beSo must it beI am not afraidI am not ashamedFor I am free 6. Forsaken Land 04:29 lyrics buy track My people listen wellThis is a warning: a tale to tellSo, listen and learn, lest you be left behindFor the hour is drawing nigh This land forsakenThe rocks cry outThe birds will be fatFrom the flesh of kingsTheir wings will not lift themSo much they will eat Forsaken land, the smoke blacks the skySmoke of their torment, their city has diedKneel down and weep, you merchants and theivesThis is what you asked for, you built this machine Oh, the birds they knowWhich way the four winds blowThe hour of death is near at handEscape the curse of this forsaken landRun for your lifeGet away from hereThis city is fallenSo, be nowhere nearCry out to your idolsI'm sure they'll hearThe worms will devourSo black is the fear 7. No Turning Back 04:08 lyrics buy track Cross through the gateit's almost too lateSky turning blackNo turning back No, no turning backNo turning back this timeWind is at my backHour to attack has arrivedNo power they holdA fire burning coldTowers will fallOmega I callThere's no turning backThe hour is nowThe call of the trumpetPreparing to soundThere's no turning backThe hour is nowThe walls of the cityWill come crashing downYour city's coming downWhat have you done?Don't stare at the sunVision will turn to blackThere's no turning backThere's no turning back 8. Beware Her Web 03:42 lyrics buy track In my room she softly slipsScarlet blood stains her lipsPretty smile is her disguiseAnd her eyes can hypnotize She'll rape your heart and eat it wholeShe'll invade your dreams and steal your soulShe'll bind you up and tear you downIn her chains you'll be bound... Be careful little onesHeed not her callIf you heed her, little onesshe'll make you nothing at allBeware her web,She comes to seduce and she does it wellResist the devil and she will fleeDon't open your door, you don't know what it means "Come in my parlor," said the spider to the fly,"It'll only take a minute, I have sweet things inside,"What happens to the fly in her web?It's life is drained and left a shellShe'll sing, "La, la, la, la, la, la, la.Follow me I have all that you want."But, if you chase the fleeting whoreRemember that you have been warned!You've been warned.Down into hell she will drag you down with herLoose all those chains lest you forever inhabit the dirtThere's no returnThere's no return from her 9. Bound No More 03:54 lyrics buy track Free from this prison I'm inTrapped in a box of my makingGive me the key to make this all endI am a soul that needs saving Shining lightCame unto mePower in tongueSet me freeThe flame was litAnd I could see I am finally free of my tormentEntered through the shining doorHe loosed the chainsAnd I am bound no more Salvation is not out of reachFind the door repent and seekSeek him early don't hesitateBefore the hour is too late 10. Effect 02:49 lyrics buy track My words have an effectThey can make the mountains moveShake the tallest treeOr rip the sky in twoI speak a single wordThe enemy shall fallPower in Jesus' nameOh, I will beat them allSo, watch outBe careful what you sayCause you never knowWhat the effect will beWhere it will goIn whose ear it will growIn whose heart did you sowAnd you planted the seedYou caused it to be So be careful, oh childrenAn effect can be strongA weak moment in timeCan lead somebody wrongThe word is powerThe voice is truthBad seeds easily plantedAre not easily removed So, watch outBe careful what you sayYou never knowWhat the effect will beWhere it will goIn whose ear it will growIn whose heart did you sowAnd you planted the seedYou caused it to be! 11. Many Decisions 03:59 lyrics buy track Standing there confused at the crossroadsNot sure which way to goMany decisions to be madeMany directions, many waysKeep your eyes on the roadCause bottomless holesDon't look that deepFrom the edge Time is the sandSlipping through your handsAnd the hours are preciousDo with them all you can Every action has a costA choice to makeWhat is your destinationThe path you takeMany decisions to be madeLife's a journey and a mazeDon't be discouragedLook and seeLies will bindThe truth will freeAt the end of the roadThe truth will be toldMany decisions withinWhere will you stand in the end? 12. The Child, The Man 03:55 lyrics buy track A child I was when I was youngI had someone to hold my handThen, one day, I put my toys awayStood up and became a manTook up my cross, and my burden,Shod my feet and I wentWalked the path, kept moving forwardI knew my task was Heaven sent Standing at the thresholdSword in my handTake a breath and bravely goA child no more, I am a manHeavy cross, burden to bearHidden pain down deep insideSummon strength in my despairI'm not weak, I will not hideGoing toward the day of reckoningI know I will surely dieBut as I a man I keep goingUnlike a child I will not hide Stand up tall and face you burdenIf you believe you will be triedPut away your wicked playthingsGet on your horse, go forth, and ride 13. A Trail of Tears 05:21 lyrics buy track It is a trail of tearsA place inhabited by all your fearsThe shadows cast over the broken landThe road is dark, so take my hand A trail of tears it isBitter, bloody painSorrow upon sorrowFroze in the pouring rainDeath rules on highHis intentions are clearSuffering and sorrowDespair and fear I warn you now, the taste is bitterThe road is long and hardWhispered secrets, hidden daggersSmiles are twisted scarsWe walk down a trail of tearsDeath stalks us very nearWe pass through the valley of the deadThe bones are still broken, bloody and red It is a trail of tearsA place inhabited by all your fearsShadows cast over the broken landThe road is dark, so take my hand 14. Around the Corner 04:23 lyrics buy track It's arrogant to say,"I know what lies ahead"You really do not knowWhat waits around the bendLife is a mysteryHid where you can't seePast the veil of timeHow can you know what liesOn the other sideOf today?Around the cornerWho knows what waits?It may the sunshineOr a black, bitter rain Forward up aheadThe road it curves aroundCarefully I movePrepared to stand my ground So blind, I can't seeWhat has to beAround the cornerDespair and horrorPrepare for warWe'll kick in Death's doorThere's no time to hold backThe coming attackAll I knowAll I seeIs darknessBefore me 15. Hard Journey 07:00 lyrics buy track Battered and bloodyBeaten and scarredIs this the finish lineOr is this just the start?Welts on my fingersMy hands are bleeding badHave my course before meI can't think to turn back Such a hard journey before meI cried my tears and fed my fearsSuch a hard journey before meI've travelled it all of these yearsWeeping cries of my brothersEcho into my bad dreamsFeel the fear of the slaughteredNothing is what it ought to be Unraveled in timeMy eyes have been blindThe stars in the skyDescend down the spiralFearful the hourSand is all goneThis is the contractWe agreed uponEnter the night (enter the night)The journey's a fight (journey's a fight)Nothing but tears (nothing but tears)Until the dawnThe journey is hard (journey is hard)The battle is long (battle is long)But the battle unfought (battle unfought)Is unwonTime, how it rushes byLeaving all us behindIn it's wakeNo one knows the hourHow long must we wait?How long must we wait?How long must we wait?Such a hard journey before meI cried my tears and fed my fearsSuch a hard journey before meTravelled it all of these yearsHear the cries of my brothersEcho into my bad dreamsI hear the screams of the slaughteredNothing is what it ought to be At the edge of the roadI stand at the gate of deathMy time has comeTo breathe my last breathIt's been a hard journeyFull of sorrow and dreadAnd though I will dieI will not stay deadIt's been a hard journey 16. Searching 03:27 lyrics buy track Is this what I'm supposed to doIs the course I should takeIs this where you want me to goOr have I made a mistakeI am searching for youI am lost in spaceSo lead me to the doorSo I can see your faceI am so afraid and so aloneI see the shadows start to moveI am so very afraidI am searching for you... 17. Hurry 03:40 lyrics buy track Tick-tock tick-tockTime's running out on the clockHurry and run to save your soulDon't look back, lift your feet and goHurry! Hurry! Hurry!Night is close and you should worryTime is short and hours go byThe sun is setting in the sky So run as fast as your feet can flyToward the door, leave all else behindGo now! What are you waiting for?Don't get locked outside the doorDon't stop and smell the flowersDon't fritter away all of your hoursThe time is slipping awayToday could be the dayToday should be the daySo run as fast as you can!Run now, mortal man!Your hour is almost up!Run through the door before it is shut! 18. Touch Not Mine Anointed 03:30 lyrics buy track I am a burning fireHot to touch and brightWarning to the wiseDo not touch this lightA prophet sent forthWith a holy wordI have answers hidDeep within my tongueDon't prohibit meDon't stand in my wayIf you lay a handYou'll be burned away They encamp about meYou think you're hidden wellI see you there behindA translucent veilDo not touch meDo not touch meIf you touch me you'll get burnedBack away nowBack away nowInto the shadowsI know where you liveIn the darkness, in the darknessSo stay there, in the shadowsThis light is more than you knowSo the hour you've dreadedFor all of your life is finally upon youYour worst nightmares are standingAt your doorNever fear for He's near and if you know himYou know he will save youIf you don't know himThen, I don't have what you're looking for 19. Cracked 04:08 lyrics buy track My cracked little heartCannot containCan't feel the sunOnly the painThe shadows shiverWith me in the rainOf the black cloudIn darkness I remain My hollow little heartBeen bent and brokenTrapped in the cold windLonging, forsakenMy heart's been crackedThere's no turning back for meLike a panic attackOr the broken leaves Now, I'm sold into the armsOf the dreadful kingSteel horns on his headI feel them piercing meAnd my body shakesToo much to takeI can't escapeThis pain I feelMy heart's been crackedNo going back for meLike a panic attackI screamI screamI screamI scream 20. Lost and Found 03:36 lyrics buy track In the valley I was lostIn darkness I was boundBut then I saw the lightNo longer lost, I was found In the dark I was boundTrapped and locked awayAnd for many yearsThere I had to stayLocked in my chainsOf sorrow and painBut I finally foundThe key to my escapeAnd I called his name I've been lost but I am foundBroke the chains that had me bound Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall to your knees!There is nowhere left to retreatWe will win! We will win!We will never taste defeatDeath catches up to every soulTime is fleeting but the choice is oldHurry now, quickly chooseBefore the choice is made for you The hour is hereOvershadowing youThe hour is hereYou have to chooseWill you be lost forever moreOr will you find heaven's door? 21. As Seen on TV 03:20 lyrics buy track Altered my mind at the altar of mindChanged what's inside of meColor twisted, shattered, blindI am what I see on the screenNo one told me who I was,But now I know who I can beI saw my self through the screenReaching out to meThoughts escape my dizzy mindWith no identityWashed out, without a doubtI'm blank, my mind receedsI am you and you are meMy reflection as seen on TVNo one warned me, 1, 2, 3Blinded eyes breed scripted dreams Master minded binding liesLeft my heart to weepStagnant magnet of the eyePatterned daydream sleepRed, green, blueNo one has a clueAre you watching meOr am I watching you? As seen on TVManifested destinyThe eyes they do seeThe master is the screen 22. The Light 03:51 lyrics buy track In the beginningNo one knew whyThere was nothingOnly nightThen, He came forthSet stars in the skyHe spoke and said,"Let there be light"Omega comeAnd end this showThe hour is nearI know, I knowShine in the darkBlinding their eyesDarkness can't understand whyBroken and weakYou lay there and moanYou'll never find your way homeOmega come forth and let it all endLet fall the towers of menEntangled in the liesSo short is the timeSurrender unto meAll you that canThe light shines brightNo longer misunderstandSo bound and confusedDiscarded and usedThat world of woeTried to take me soul 23. A Cold Place 04:39 lyrics buy track My heart has been offered upI cast out my sanityOpened the autumn doorUnlocked with harmonyIn the dark hourIn a place so blankI shiverAnd call out your nameOut in the dark woodsI found something thereBeneath the trees gatheredA shining secret there This is a cold placeSomeone please help meTrapped there, despairUnder the shady treesI am in a cold placeNo one can see the stolen smile on my faceOh, despair!I call thee my ownLeave me there thenI have nowhere to roamI am what I amAnd I am trapped hereSo leave me beNo one even caresSo I crawl now through the darkI call out to youA velvet voice through the microphoneStarry song echoes through 24. Just Ahead 04:51 lyrics buy track In the distance I see it standThe door for which I've soughtIf I must make it crawling thereI'll do so without a thoughtTireless hours through the sandMy life drifted awayNothing mattered, not at allNot until this day Just ahead, I see the doorThe freedom from this placeJust ahead, I'm almost thereSo close to my escapeAs I approach the shining doorI see the light grow strongIn my bones I'm filled with strengthMy heart is filled with songI am he who will surviveI am he who livesBecause I have sacrificedMy flesh upon this hill Just ahead I see the doorThe freedom from this placeJust ahead, oh JesusI'm so close to escape 25. You Can't Stop Me 03:05 lyrics buy track You can't stop meYou can't stop meSpirit rises and conformsSpins inside like a stormI know you wanted meDesired meBut I am free, I am free, I am freeStop now, I say, in Jesus' nameBack away, back away, back awayClimbing to the topI'll never stopSteel I amsteel I amReinforcedMission-bound A great rebuke unto theeBegone dark one from meI am freeYou'll never, never stop me You can't stop me!You can't stop me!You can't stop me!You can't stop me!You can't stop me!You can't stop me! 26. I Cry 04:45 lyrics buy track When I was youngI laughed and playedSuch innocence, a childBut then one dayA man I became,But had lost my wayTrials, hardship, lifeHad sent me astrayForgive me my sinsForgive me my sinsI cry, I shout untoDoes anybody listen?Sad, broken manWho does not understandI want to seePlease, help mePlease, help me! I cry,I cry, oooh,I cry, cry,I cry,Forgive me my sinsForgive me my sinsMy help comes from the LordSo it is, so it isI cry,I cry,I cry,I cry!I cry...I cry... 27. I'm Tired 04:26 lyrics buy track So far from my goalAlready I am so oldWant to sleepAnd the road ahead looks bleakA little sleep, a little slumberA little folding of the handsI am so tiredAnd I don't how much I can standMy bones feel brittleAnd my head it spinsWill I ever find rest again?My body is weak, but I keep walking aheadMust I keep going until I am dead?Oh what will I do?I'm so tired I cannot moveAnd the enemy is right behindI scream, I cryNo! I will not rest!I will march ahead until I die!I have my mission markedAnd I know the reason why!I'm so tiredSore vexed and wornI am so tiredBut the battle is not wonSo onward I go'Til that last trumpet soundsI will not take restNor ever back down 28. Spirit Tongue 03:40 lyrics buy track The spirit moves with mysterious wordTongue of anointment is so little heardI say to you what has been said beforeThe hour is late, the wolf's at the door Open your eyesThis wo

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